Banquet in the Ruins: A Delicious Adventure of Wild Food, Environmental Conservation, and Untamable Nature

I am writing this by candlelight because my host’s generator has broken, and he needs a part from town. We are in a roadless village in Borneo’s rugged mountains that is only accessible by boat and on foot, so “town” is at least a day away. Last night we had electricity, though, and we listened to American country music from a small radio. I noticed a heap of empty bottles piled beneath the elevated, open-air longhouse. “From Christmas,” my host, David, told me. They drank 40 liters of scotch whiskey over the holidays and slaughtered a water buffalo. Danced. Had the whole village to dinner.....

When researcher GinaRae LaCerva sets out on her quest to discover the wild foods we still eat and the ones we have forgotten, she doesn't expect to find something much more profound: the history of environmental conservation is a history of food. In the end, LaCerva uncovers something essential about what it means to love the planet in the age of extinction. It is a story of re-wilding, of finding our home in an untamable nature we never left behind. So come along on this gastronomic adventure. From civilization we retreat. Our banquet table is set amongst the ruins. Fish. Flesh. Fowl. Forage. Let the Feast commence.

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